Migraines Caused by Mouth Bacteria

Woman having migraines.

Migraines are caused by mouth bacteria.

Recent research suggests that people suffering from migraines have increased levels of bacteria in their mouths due to some types of foods.

Anyone has oral bacteria because they help saliva to break down the food. However, these bacteria also convert nitrates into a substance called nitric oxide, which experts claim it leads to migraines.

The Leading Causes of Migraines

A group of researchers from the University of San Diego conducted a study in which they collected fecal and oral samples from 171 patients with migraines. After analyzing the samples, they compared them with those from 172 healthy patients and came to the conclusion that participants with this condition had higher levels of gut, throat, and mouth bacteria responsible for breaking down nitrates.

There are various types of foods that contain nitrates including some medications, chocolate, wine, salami, bacon, and other types of processed meats. In other studies, scientists observed that about four in five patients suffering from cardiovascular conditions who took medications containing nitrates experienced severe headaches.

This side effect is caused by treatments used to treat congestive heart failure and chest pains. According to Dr. Embriette Hyde, project manager and contributor to the American Gut Project, although this study has not found a cause-and-effect link, it reveals that there might be a connection between these bacteria and migraines.

In order to find out more, scientists will continue their investigation on these bacteria and various types of migraines. Although it sounds surprising, doctors haven’t figured out a way to treat migraines yet.

That is why experts are trying to discover the main cause behind this condition. If they find out the influencing factors, then all specialists will be able to address this issue by working on a cure.

The Symptoms

Also, there are some misconceptions about migraines because many people regard them as severe headaches even if they are more than that. Patients can experience a wide array of symptoms, such as nausea, dizziness, sleep problems, and lack of concentration, just to name a few.

Because of these symptoms, everyday activities become more difficult for those suffering from this condition. For instance, children cannot concentrate at school and adults cannot give their best at their workplace.

Migraines represent a serious issue especially for people who work in a very stressful environment as they will find it hard to cope with the pain.

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