Elon Musk Confirms Smaller Battery for Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 coming soon

On Tuesday, Elon Musk confirmed via Twitter that the upcoming Model 3 will have a smaller battery because of its reduced wheelbase dimensions.

In spite of most Tesla aficionados’ expectations, Elon Musk recently confirmed the Model 3 will not boast a 100 kWh battery. SpaceX CEO tweeted on Tuesday, February 7th, the wheelbase cannot fit a large battery, as it was the case for Model S.

Furthermore, Tesla Model 3 is scheduled to go into production towards the end of the year. Nevertheless, neither the company nor Musk himself divulged much information on the Tesla Model 3’s specs. Up to this point, all information available has been discussed over Twitter through updates posted by Elon Musk.

Tesla’s Batteries

In August 2016, Tesla expanded the 60 kWh battery base for its Model X and Model S to 100 kWh. While the larger power source’s mileage stretches to 315 miles, the 60 kWh version gives off only 218. When asked about whether Tesla aficionados could expect the Model 3 to be loaded with large batteries, Elon Musk replied equipping the company’s latest car with 100 kWh power sources would not be feasible. The reason for this is that the Model 3’s wheelbase is significantly smaller than Tesla’s other cars and is unable to house such a huge battery. Moreover, the Model 3 is also cheaper than the company’s other creations.

While some can only guess the capacity of Model 3’s power source, Elon Musk has yet to confirm the car’s battery size. News is not all bad. Even though the Model 3 will come with a smaller battery, the car’s light curb weight and compact dimension will make the vehicle clock more miles as opposed to other Tesla cars. This comes only natural, as the vehicle’s total range depends on several other factors than its power source’s size, such as how the car is driven and aerodynamics.

Future Projects

Ultimately, Elon Musk announced other cars will hit the market soon. Tesla’s CEO said that when it comes to electric vehicles, the power source is a huge limiting factor. Even though the P100D models had increased battery capacity, Elon Musk pointed out this is not a linear concept. Nevertheless, he said the company will come up with power source improvements soon.

According to recently circulated rumors, almost 400,000 reservations have been made for the upcoming Model 3. However, as some would suggest, given Elon Musk’s association with President Donald Trump, several reservations have been canceled.

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  • dlparsons

    Musk has a pleasant surprise up his sleeve on the battery/range for the Model 3, I suspect. Remember, Tesla has switched to the new battery size (the 21700). It has a larger capacity, and several thousands of them result in increased overall size. This was discussed recently on Teslarati. The brains on that site can do the math better than I. Suffice to say that Musk will beat the Bolt’s range by a significant margin. He don’t like to be shown up like that…