NASA Astronaut is Sure Alien Life is Present on Earth

Alien Life

NASA astronaut declares there is alien life and Earth will change in the future.

After spending 230 days in space,  a NASA astronaut is convinced that aliens live among people on Earth and it would be wrong to believe the otherwise.

So you think you are safe on Earth ?

Well , you’re not entirely right, according to Leroy Chiao, an ex-NASA astronaut and one of the commanders on the International Space Station. After four missions in space and six spacewalks,  mister Chiao confirms that there is alien life all over the Universe.

The Earth as we know it doesn’t have a bright future, because life will perish at a certain point. This is what he calls natural progression.

And he is not the only one to believe this theory. Other scientists shared his opinion, as told to the Congress back in 2014.

Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at the California-based Search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute told the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Science, Space, and Technology at the time.

Scientist’s opinion

The majority of scientists dismiss the opinion totally. For example , William Boruki, a former NASA scientist declared last year that if there were alien life, we would know it by now.  Of course, a lot of scientists and ordinary people share this opinion.  They claim that it was an intellectual question for us until now .

There is still no evidence that proves the existence of alien life as well as remarkable and believable proof, but a lot of people can still hope.

One of the most notable alien believers is Buzz Aldrin. The second man to set foot on the moon declared that he and Armstrong encountered alien life on out natural satellite, their base being established on the dark side of the moon.

NASA believes that Proxima b, a planet in the Alpha Centauri system may be able to withstand life as we know it.

Stephen Hawking, one of the leading astrophysicists of the moment declared during a recent interview that he fears the moment when we will be contacted by aliens because, as history dictates, not all travelers come in peace, and they don’t tend to react very friendly when a civilization is technologically underdeveloped.

What do you think? Will aliens visit us soon? Should we have reasons to fear them?

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