NASA Is Offering Parts Of Earth Up For Adoption

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NASA will be offering parts of Earth up for virtual adoption as part of its newest campaign.

NASA will be offering parts of Earth up for virtual adoption as part of its newest campaign. This will be held as part of the Earth Day 2017 celebration, which will occur on April 22nd. The aerospace agency’s specially set website states that there are 64,000 pieces of land that will be waiting to be adopted.

Virtually Offering Parts Of The Earth May Help People Gain More Information On The Planet

NASA stated that each virtual parcel would correspond to a real one averaging around 55 miles wide. Also, according to the aerospace agency, after they are all “adopted”, the space administration will be looking to offer them up for adoption yet again.

According to NASA, its purpose will be to offer people to chance to learn more about the planet. They will do so as they will be offered access to the same information and resources presently available to scientists. More exactly, after “adopting” the piece of land, the respective user will have access to data layers.

These will represent a wide variety of climate variables, for example, carbon monoxide levels or relative humidity ones. They may also offer information on sea ice or chlorophyll, among others.

As it is offering parts of the Earth, the agency also pointed out that not all of them will come with such additional information. It also offered an explanation for these possible absences.

“It may be a data gap. […] Another reason for no data is that some satellites only take measurements at specific atmospheric heights or a given scene may not include what they’re looking for, […]”

Yet another offered explanation points out the fact that some satellites do not cover areas situated in the far polar regions. Also, not all the data from such transmissions come at the same time or date. This is because the various Earth parts are covered by different satellites.

Besides offering parts of Earth up for adoption, NASA also lets users share this fact, which may show their support for Earth Day 2017.

Image Source: Pixabay

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