Neurosurgeon Receives Life in Prison Following a String of Failed Surgeries


45-year-old former North Texas neurosurgeon was sentenced to life in prison after multiple patients suffered irreparable damage or even died as a result of failed surgeries.

In a stunning turn of events, a neurosurgeon from Dallas was sentenced to life behind bars for a number of botched high-risk surgeries that left two of his patients paralyzed for life and a couple others dead. According to the prosecution, 45-year-old Christopher Duntsch was found guilty of intentionally killing or maiming his patients. In the case against him, 35 former patients have testified against him. However, the defense argues nothing was intentional, but Duntsch was simply a lousy surgeon, unfit for the job.

Former Neurosurgeon’s Skills

Federal prosecutors say that the defendant was actually an underqualified neurosurgeon. Talking about the surgeries Duntsch had performed in the past, the prosecution says it looked more like a carpenter operating in a medical theater.

Investigators discovered that on multiple occasions, the neurosurgeon planted screws in the spines of several of his patients that shouldn’t have been inserted, to begin with. Moreover, the defendant severed a vital vein in another patient and forgot a sponge in yet another. His negligence, say authorities, cost two people their lives. A couple others have been confined to a wheelchair since their surgeries. However, investigators did not find sufficient evidence to suggest Duntsch suffered from any mental disorders.

Christopher Duntsch Sentencing

On Monday, February 13th, the incompetent neurosurgeon was found guilty of the surgical blunders he stood accused of, conducted between July 2012 and June 2013. After just one hour of consulting, the jury unanimously decided Duntsch should receive life in prison for his deeds. Faith Johnson, Dallas County District Attorney praised the sentence saying the prosecution is feeling elated about the life sentence.

Patients’ Thoughts

Multiple patients have taken the stand against the neurosurgeon. Mary Efurd, 78, who is now confined to a wheelchair for the remainder of her life declared she put her whole faith in Duntsch back in 2012 when the surgery was conducted.

Kellie Martin died the same year because of health complication associated with the failed surgery. She left behind a daughter and a husband who say even though the sentencing does not bring Kellie back, at least justice has been served. Ultimately, multiple other former patients declared they were ecstatic with the neurosurgeon receiving life in prison.

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