Pueblo Hospital’s Newborns with Knitted Red Hats Stand for Heart Health

newborns wearing red hats

Only 300 red hats were manufactured and distributed at first for February newborns to raise awareness on heart disease. Now, 40 states participate in the campaign.

On Thursday, February 2nd, newborns at St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center were sporting knitted red hats to make their first fashion statement in an effort to raise nationwide awareness for one of the major causes of death among U.S. citizens, more specifically heart disease.

Newborns Raise Awareness on Heart Disease

According to the medical staff at St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center, all of the health facility’s newborns will wear the knitted red caps in February as complementary gifts, in an effort to raise awareness on heart disease during the American Heart Association’s American Heart Month.

The movement, dubbed “Little Hats, Big Hearts”, comes as a reminder to mothers to lead healthy lifestyles and encourage their little ones to follow in their footsteps, as well, while providing proper resources to take heart health to heart, reads St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center’s press release.

As expected, St. Mary-Corwin’s Paulette Mapes, manager of the birth place, believes an early approach goes a long way. Hence, anything is good for someone wishing to improve their overall health from lowering stress levels and eating balanced, healthy meals to intense workout sessions.

Similar Initiatives

Little Hats, Big Hearts is not the first event during which the hospital’s newborns received decorative garb. Last year in January, even though the movement had nothing to do with medical concerns whatsoever, but still equally adorable, the little ones were dressed in Denver Broncos apparel in anticipation of the AFC Championship game.

However, since the Broncos went through the season without playoffs, St. Mary-Corwin staffers designed the red caps to support more health-oriented movements and raise nationwide awareness to more serious matters, such as congenital heart defects and heart disease.

The movement, however, is at its third anniversary having been implemented in February 2014. However, for St. Mary-Corwin, this is the first time staffers and newborns altogether participated in the campaign. According to the American Heart Association, 300 red hats were collected and subsequently distributed to health facilities all over Chicago the first time Little Hats, Big Hearts campaign took place in 2014.

Today, over 40 U.S. states participate in the movement, with volunteers all across the country knitting the red hats for newborns delivered in February each year.

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