HMD Global Officially Reveals the New Android-Powered Nokia 6

Nokia 6

HMD Global officially announced Android-powered Nokia 6 will start rolling out in China sometime “early in 2017”.

Android enthusiasts will be thrilled to learn that HMD Global has officially announced it is going to start rolling out the new Nokia 6 model sometime during the first quarter of 2017. As expected, the handset will run Android OS. In fact, HMD Global said the Nokia 6 will come with the latest version, namely the Android Nougat.

Nokia 6 Specs

Before talking about the company’s marketing plan, let’s have a closer look at what Nokia 6 has to offer. While it may not be pushing any technological barriers, the handset comes with 64 Gb of on-board storage together with 4 Gb of RAM. For increased memory capacity, users have the option to equip their unit with a microSD card, as well.

The back features a 16-megapixel main camera. The handset is powered by a 3,000 mAh battery, enclosed in an aluminum unibody. The screen measures 5.5 inches on the diagonal and has a 1920×1080 HD resolution.

For processing power, the Nokia 6 will feature a SnapDragon 430 CPU. While other flagship handsets are powered by more potent processors, the new Nokia model will be able to hold its own against handsets in the same price range of roughly $245.

HMD Global Marketing Plan

Running Android OS, users will now be able to access third-party Android applications, so far inaccessible for Lumia models. The return of the giant that once ruled markets across North America and Europe, however, will be made in China. Using this strategy, HMD Global aims to lower production costs, since the supply lines will be located relatively short from production facilities, while promoting the growth of the Chinese market which is still in its infancy.

Looking at the specs and price, it is clear that HMD Global, a company still in start-up mode, is aiming for the mid-range market. According to a statement released by HMD Global, the handset will go on sale exclusively in China via a partnership with By the time of this writing, however, the company did say exactly when Nokia 6 will hit the markets. Nevertheless, Arto Nummela, HMD Global’s CEO said that the handset will most likely go on sale soon after the launch.

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