Ocean Medallion Will Be The New Carnival Cruise Concierge

carnival cruise ocean medallion

The Ocean Medallion will a wearables technology that will serve you on a Carnival cruise.

The Ocean Medallion will be a wearables technology that will serve as your own, personal concierge whilst aboard a Carnival Corporation cruise.

Carnival Corporation & plc is a cruise company. The American-British firm is considered as being the largest travel leisure company in the world.

Now, its Carnival Cruise Line will be introducing a new feature. Carnival Cruise Line is a company subsidiary. The cruise line is headquartered in Miami, Florida.

Just this week, Carnival Corp representatives announced the introduction of the Ocean Medallion. This will be a wearable technology piece. But how will it work?

The Ocean Medallion will be a 1.8-ounce disk. Its small size will not hinder its great importance. More likely, it will advantage it.

The Ocean Medallion, this small disk, will be sent to the travelers before they board the ship. It will carry both pre-registered, as well as real-time information.

This quartered shaped device will store all the needed information provided by the passenger. Data will be gathered from the online registration form. But it will also be synced with the Ocean Compass.

As such, the Ocean Medallion will be kept up to date. This should help provide a perfect travel experience. The Medallion will be easy to carry. Its shape allows it to be worn either around your neck or on your wrist. It could also simply be kept in a pocket.

Ocean Medallions will offer various benefits. They will include streamlined debarkation or embarkation data. The device should account for a better interaction with the crew members, as they will also have devices.

The Ocean Medallion will offer an easier access to entertainment and dining data. If wished for, it can also help locate family and friends aboard the ship.

The tiny device should be able to do most anything. It should basically come to take care of anything, from delivering food to suggesting activities.

Carnival Princes Cruises are set to be the first company cruises to adopt the wearable tech. It should come to be introduced sometime this year. Ships to support the wearable will be specifically titled.

They will be marked as Medallion Class Oceans Vacations. Travelers going on such cruises will create a personal profile before boarding.

Such profiles will include hobby and activities preferences. Entertainment and recreational preferences will also be supplied.

The Ocean Medallion will be a simple device. It will not have buttons, a menu, and should not need to be changed. Through it, passengers can access the digital concierge Ocean Compass.

They will be able to do so via laptops, smartphones, or tablets. Digital kiosks, designated port terminals, or other similar access devices will be available for access.

Crew members will have a similar device. As the crew – passenger devices sync, the member will readily identify the customer and their preferences.

Ocean Medallion will be connected by a local network. As such, they will not depend on roaming or data packages. This, in turn, will remove the need for additional charges when using the devices. However, this will only be applicable to devices that are part of the network.

John Padgett, the Carnival Corp experience and innovation chief officer, went to offer the first details. According to him, the Ocean Medallion will help create “an elevated level of service”. As it will be made possible by the new tech, it will not feel like one.

Padgett stated that the wearable is like nothing else created before. It does not have to be swiped, touched, or tapped. It functions by simply being there.

Arnold Donald, the Carnival Corporation CEO, will present the wearable tech. More details will be revealed during the CES 2017.

Additional information about the Medallion will be probably released throughout the year. As such, it should help clarify various aspects. Losing, or maybe choosing not to use it details will be offered.

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