Oceans are in danger due to climate change

Oceans are in danger because climate change affects them.

Climate change seems to have a major effect on the oceans

According to a report made by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, oceans are a dangerous point and this means a huge problem for us. They are sustaining this planet. We know this thing but we do not seem to care as we are making oceans sicker.

Did you know than 93 percent of the carbon dioxide released by humans was absorbed by global waters? Without them, our planet would not be able to survive because the temperature would rise faster.  Researchers are warning us that if the oceans were not there to protect us, the temperatures could be heated up to more than 36 degrees Celsius.

What are changes taking place is the oceans?

First of all, many species, such as jellyfish and turtles, moved their homes to the poles to stay in waters that in the past were too cold for them.Moreover, some countries have already lost most of their color reefs and the situation will get worse. Fish are in danger because they are connected to the reefs.

There are areas in Africa where fish died because of this reason. This affects also the economy because there are a lot of people who have money to due to fishing. Everything is connected and we are not aware of how important to protect the oceans.

Oceans can be saved by humans

If we are not going to make some changes, this is what will happen. The coral reefs will disappear and this means that many fish will die. People who are living closer to the ocean will be in danger because of the diseases they are exposed to. Do not forget also about hurricanes. In the last few years, they became stronger. If 20 years ago an Asian hurricane happened once in a year, now it can be seen four times in the same period of time.

Researchers are suggesting to treat the ocean like a sick patient. If we want to lower the temperature, we must stop polluting the atmosphere with carbon.  Another solution is to do more protected areas. Barack Obama has already made his move by doing the biggest marine protected area in the world. We know what we have to do if we want to have save the oceans. The difficult part is to convince people that by saving oceans, we are saving ourselves.

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