Older Americans Are Happier

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Scientists discovered that older Americans are much happier than their younger counterparts.

Although it might sound surprising, older Americans seem to be happier than younger ones for various reasons. Gallup-Healthways has conducted a comprehensive survey during which they found out that older Americans in the U.S. are doing well.

Older Americans Have The Best Score

More precisely, 55-year-old seniors and older had a 63.6 score out of the maximum 100 in 2015 on the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. This score is three points higher than the median 55 score of younger adults.

The participants were asked various questions about their well-being. This way, the researchers aimed to rate the participants’ physical health, community involvement, financial lives, social relationships, and the sense of purpose.

Based on the findings, the scientists have established that older Americans usually report that they are satisfied with their financial stability and standard of living. Also, they are less stressed and worried. Younger adults are more worried about their financial stability as most of them were not fully satisfied with their career.

The Statistics

For instance, the study found last year that 40 percent of participants between 18 and 54 years old confessed that they were concerned about money, whereas 25 percent of older Americans 65-years-old and older were worried about that aspect.

Furthermore, 45 percent of the participants between 18 and 55 years said that they were stressed, while just 20 percent of the 65-years-old participants and older were stressed.

Disease Rates Among U.S. Adults

The researchers underlined that adults between 55 and 64 years had higher rates of depression and obesity than their younger counterparts. Still, participants 65 years and older had a lower rate of these diseases.

State Ranking

The researchers also made a top of the 50 states to establish in which local community older Americans were the most satisfied with their lives. Hawaii ranked the highest in 2015 as the participants 55 years and older scored 67 out of 100. The next states which had the best score were North Dakota, Arizona, and New Hampshire with an average of 65.2.

However, West Virginia had the lowest score among older Americans, as the participants scored an average of just 59.9 points. Also, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Kentucky scored 62.5, 62, and 61.2. The survey involved over 177,000 American adults, including over 93,000 adults 55 years and older, in every state.

Image Source: Household Guardians

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