The United States and China joined the Paris Climate Accord

The Paris Climate Accord will help us reduce the greenhouse emissions.

The United States and China are ready to join the Paris Climate Accord

The United States and China signed the Paris Climate Accord

President Barack  Obama said on Saturday that the United States and China joined Paris Climate Accord. The agreement these two countries signed is  an important step in motivating other nations to join the Accord. They want to make reductions in the greenhouse gas emissions and reduce global warming. Things are going for the better, but there has to be more investment in eco-friendly technologies if we want things to change.

Unfortunately, there are Republican members of the United States Congress who do not agree with this actions to reduce the greenhouse emissions. This makes things difficult for the President, as he wants this country to be an example of how to deal with global warming.

The Republicans are against Barack Obama’s plans

The Republicans did not threat to take down the law. They just released states arguing that the global agreement will not have any results. Moreover, they said that Barack Obama just wants to give the impression he can achieve its climate agenda, although the Congress did not agree with his plans.

The United States promised to cut emissions and make more actions to protect the world from climate change. President Barack Obama things that they can achieve their goal with the Congress, but the future president should be involved in this issue. However, there are people who think this would mean bad news for the United States economy and they are not ready to do these changes in the future.

The United States and China joined the Paris Climate Accord on Saturday after they met in Paris with leaders of the most important countries in the world. They are all trying to cut the emissions and develop plans against climate change.

The world tries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Republicans are not expected to do something about the President’s decision, especially when they are focused on the elections. We will see who will be the future President and if he/she will continue to support the Paris Climate Accord. The fact that the United States joined this agreement is important for the world. There are countries that will follow its example and will try to reduce the greenhouse emissions.

The Paris Climate Accord is one of the most important agreements. Global warming is a threat and even there are people who do not want to see it, our world is changing and will be more dangerous for us to live in some areas and enjoy our life.

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