Fitbit Buys Pebble Leaving the Current Users in a Tough Spot

Pebble smartwatches

Fitbit has purchased Pebble’s key assets for under $40 million.

According to an official announcement, Pebble will cease its smartwatch production as of 2016. This comes as a result of Fitbit acquiring key Pebble assets such as software and intellectual property. Fitbit is currently the world leader in the fitness band industry. After the initial announcement was made, Pebble confirmed the acquisition on its official Kickstarter page and website.

Hence, starting with December 7th, 2016, Pebble says that the company will no longer promote or manufacture its smartwatches. Moreover, owners who currently possess a unit will not benefit from software support in the future.

Pebble’s Official Announcement

As the official post on Pebble’s Kickstarter page states, the company is no longer able to operate as a singular entity due to a wide range of factors. As a consequence, the company’s officials have decided to shut down the production. However, Fitbit has agreed to buy Pebble’s key assets. Even though the products released prior to Pebble’s dismantling will continue to work, the company officials say that they will not launch any new models in the future.

The timing couldn’t have been worse. Mainly because the company was in the middle of a funding campaign for the Pebble 2 Watch line. Now, the company will have to refund all pledges in one week’s time. Also, officials say that the Pebble Core, Time 2, and Time Round editions will not go on the assembly line at all.

What Does this Mean for Pebble Users

The company has officially announced that it will not receive orders from its users any longer, including Pebble 2 pre-orders. Furthermore, owners of a Pebble smartwatch will no longer benefit from warranty support. However, the troubleshooting and how-to information tabs are still available on the official Support Page. Also, the company will refund the orders completed before the official announcement was made, meaning December 7th, and will accept returns.

As a result, the individuals who purchased the smartwatches at retail can exchange them or ask for a complete refund. Also, for those who want to keep their units, bands, charging cables, and other accessories are available on Amazon.

Ultimately, the current users won’t benefit from any new features or apps and service quality together with functionality will be reduced in the future, according to Pebble’s support page.

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