Top 5 Places Where Alien Life Can Be Sustained, According to NASA

alien planet where human life can be sustained

In some places, oxygen may be produced in other processes besides photosynthesis.

NASA is currently searching the galaxy for places where alien life can be sustained. The endeavor was also fueled by the recent UFO sightings that sparked even more controversy.

NASA Believes There Are Places Where Alien Life Thrives

The idea of alien life lurking on the outskirts of the galaxy is not new. Moreover, NASA firmly believes that primitive life forms are already thriving in our solar system. While we may be talking about bacteria and other microorganisms, life is life, no matter the primary form in which it comes.

Let us discover the top 5 places where human life can be sustained, as NASA listed them itself.

The Red Planet

Mars is no stranger when it comes to alien life locations debates. Even though both NASA and SpaceX have been studying the planet intensely ever since Elon Musk announced that he would try to send a manned mission to the Red Planet, they didn’t manage to cover every surface, and most tests only served to deepen their theories about the presence of primordial alien life forms on the planet.

Jupiter’s Europa

Even though Europa is smaller and further away from the Sun than Mars, the satellite is more probable to sustain alien life than the Red Planet.

The reason for this is the enormous ice deposit that the satellite harbors under its surface. Furthermore, NASA is currently analyzing the possibility of colonizing Europa.

Proxima B

Proxima B is also called the Second Earth because the planet, located in the Alpha Centaury system, is situated at approximately the same distance from its sun as the Earth is.

The planet is also tidally locked, meaning that the gravity of its sun keeps in locked in the same position, the planet being divided into two halves, one where it is constantly day time and one where it is always night.


Enceladus is one of Saturn’s moons. While significantly smaller than Europa, Enceladus is also believed to have a hot subsurface ocean which provides sufficient heating, compensating for the distance from the Sun.

KIC 8462852

Using the Kepler Space Telescope, Yale scientists managed to find evidence sustaining the existence of an extraterrestrial culture on KIC 8462852.

Their evidence consisted of a series of regular patterns in the dark shadows covering the system’s sun, patterns consistent with the Dyson Spheres, a mega theoretical structure capable of harvesting the energy of a star.

Among this 5 places where alien life can be sustained, theoretically, NASA is bound to find evidence supporting its claims on at least one.

Where do you think NASA will find the first proof of alien life?

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