Android Users Can Now Hunt Pokemon Over any Tune They Choose

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Players can now hunt down Pokemon over any tune they choose, thanks to the latest update Niantic rolled out for Android.

Until not long ago, Android users were forced to listen to the same looping soundtrack while playing Pokemon Go at the risk of permanently burning the game’s music theme in their subconscious and ears or face the awkward silence when hunting down the creatures or battling in gyms. Fortunately, this is no longer the case with Niantic Labs’ latest update.

Pokemon Go Update

The update that allows Pokemon Go players to hunt down the creatures over any soundtrack or podcast they choose is nothing new for iOS users as the update was pushed to Apple’s operating system first. However, only recently did Android users get to experience the fun.

Prior to the update, Pokemon Go would automatically pause any and all music playing upon launching the application. Hence, the players were forced to either listen to the game’s looping music theme or none at all, in some instances. Needless to say, Pokemon Go players did not take it very well.

However, contrary to what some might think, Niantic was not at fault for this, but rather a bug in the Unity 3D game engine. Because of its nature, Unity was working on the assumption that it is the only thing players would want to listen to. The update was up and running since several weeks ago. However, it didn’t roll out until recently, as it had to go through all the game development cycles.

Latest Update Still in Need of Tweaking

Even though the prospect of listening to anything you want is great, there is a catch, as it almost always is the case. Undoubtedly players can stay in tune with their favorite podcasts while hunting down Pokemon. However, the latest update considerably lowers the volume of the music. However, some say it does so to well below an acceptable level. As a result, players are forced to increase the volume. No harm done, but once Pokemon Go is shut down, possibly so are the players’ eardrums.

At the moment, it is still unclear whether Niantic had a hand in this or the volume issue is just another Unity bug. Some text fixes, reduced loading time, resolved connectivity issues, and wheelchair support for use with Apple Watch are also included in the latest update.

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