Pregnant Woman Found Dealing Positive Pregnancy Tests on Craigslist

positive pregnancy tests

While the author believed she was doing nothing illegal, legal experts say that selling positive pregnancy tests could be conceived as fraud.

A woman from Jacksonville, Florida was looking to pay for her tuition with positive pregnancy tests she was selling on Craigslist for $30 each. According to her ad, she made a point not to ask her customers about what they were going to do with the positive pregnancy test.

Journalists got wind of her Craigslist ad and went undercover in order to investigate. After they successfully met with the woman, they revealed their true identities and asked for an anonymous interview. The woman whose identity remains undisclosed agreed to the interview.

Craigslist Ad

The woman’s Craigslist ad described her as six months pregnant, willing to sell her urine and positive pregnancy tests for $30 dollars. Furthermore, it goes to add that once the customer acquired the “product”, they could use it at will for their own purposes, even if it meant blackmailing “the CEO of Apple”, or as a prank.

In the end, she the ad states that the price is set in stone and the woman is not looking to negotiate further.

Pregnant Woman’s Explanation

The mother-to-be says that she got the idea from another similar ad she found online. When she realized how much money she could make for something she was already supposed to do anyway, she quickly took action and started distributing pregnancy tests for monetary exchange.

Even though she says that she was unaware one could use the pregnancy test to manipulate someone, her Craigslist ad says the complete opposite. When asked about the whole situation, she says that she was working on a bachelor’s and needed money for the degree. Furthermore, the woman says that customers have traveled from as far as Orlando to purchase positive pregnancy tests.

While some people have marketed pregnancy tests as a means to pressure either a boyfriend or family members into providing the presumably pregnant women with money for an abortion, legal experts flag the practice as fraudulent.

Even more so when coercion and manipulation are nowadays common issues between partners linked to abortion and pregnancy. Before journalists confronted the Florida woman, she said that she was making as much as $200 a day selling positive pregnancy tests.

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  • Lyndsey Harper

    oh, that is just not right. I never thought anyone would be able to use a positive pregnancy test to get some monetary payment out of it. I’m almost sick of getting a negative result on my free conceiveeasy pt but I never thought of getting a new one to make myself a “bit” happy or something,