Pot smokers could be less motivated

pot smokers

Pot smokers could be less motivated

Smoking marijuana has its pros and cons. According to a new study, pot smokers are less interested in working and making money while they are high. Even though this does not sound like good news, the effect is temporary.  Of course,  there was another question:  what happens to those people who smoke marijuana often?

Researchers from the University College London in England said that those who use marijuana on long-term were just as motivated as those who do not smoke this substance. However, it is not a good idea to smoke it before you go to work or before doing something important because you might be less motivated.

Researchers used data from 17 occasional pot users for the first study. They were asked to choose between an easy way of making money or a more difficult one.  It seems that when they were high, pot smokers were more likely to choose the easier choice. It did not matter if they were paid less. The second study was made on 20 long-term users of pot. They were believed to have bigger problems, but the study showed that their motivation was not affected when they stop using it.

There will always be people who will be against marijuana. The United States seem to be one of the few countries that are able to see its benefits for our health. However, if pot smoking becomes a habit, you might have some problems in the future. Pot smokers are more likely to forget things, they can’t focus as well as others. Weed can also make people feel more depressed or  even cause mental issues.

Even though it can have benefits for our health, if we use it too much we can develop health problems such as low blood pressure or suicide thoughts. Moreover, it can also lower your testosterone level, so your sperm quality will be affected.

Every substance has its purpose, but using too much of it can be a huge threat for our body. Marijuana is already legalized in some states and we are expecting more people to take advantage of this substance. Its side effects are still to be discovered, but it could be one of the main causes we feel less motivated. What do you think about this study? Are pot smokers less motivated than people who do not smoke?

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