Americans Describe Prescription Drug Prices As Unreasonable

Many Americans do not afford any prescription drug.

Americans want prescription drug prices to be reasonable.

Americans are not happy with the prices for prescription drugs

A poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that Americans are not happy about the prices of a prescription drug. It seems that 8 out of 10 people think the costs are unreasonable and they are asking for government intervention to lower the prices.

Researchers used data from 1 200 Americans and the survey was conducted in September. The results show that two-thirds of the participants agree with an independent group to oversee prices. Moreover, 71 percent believe that some meds should be imported from Canada.  Most of them want the drug makers to share more details about how they set the prescription drug prices.

The issue was discussed also in the presidential campaign

This is an issue is an important one and it became also a topic in the presidential campaign. One year ago there was 72 percent of Americans who thought that the costs are unreasonable. At the moment, 77 percent of them share this opinion. There were only 4 out of 10 people who thought they people should pay more if they do not choose the least expensive option of a drug to treat their disease. People are expecting authorities to choose the best solution for prescription drug prices, especially for those meds that are supposed to help people with chronic diseases, such as cancer.

An interesting fact is that only 47 percent of those who participated in the survey think that prescription drug ads should be eliminated. While the American  Medical Association wants the ads to be gone, Americans are more concerned about their health and the price they will pay. Talking about health insurance, there is only 9 percent of Americans who did not have coverage last year. However, Americans do not seem to be aware of this thing as few of them knew about these numbers.

There will be some changes after the elections

Democrats and Republicans seem to be in favor of taking action to make meds more affordable for Americans. We will see after the elections what the winners will decide and if they were really concerned regarding this matter. What we know for sure is that Americans are demanding a change.

People from the United States are paying more attention to the prescription drug prices. When you have a small income, it is hard to know that most of your money will be spent on meds. What do you think? Will it be cheaper for us to buy prescription drug?

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