Physicians Say Not All Prostate Cancer Patients Need Surgery

prostate cancer patient

Researchers said prostate cancer patients usually get scared when they first learn about their condition and instinctively ask for the harshest procedure available.

Doctors are now afraid that prostate cancer patients jump the gun on surgery without properly weighing all treatment options. If something, experts say it is only natural for prostate cancer patients to do so, as their decision can be highly influenced by misunderstanding or anxiety.

Common Reactions

The first reaction any prostate cancer patient has upon learning his diagnosis is to ask surgeons to remove the tumor, on the spot, if possible. However, physicians say that sounding the cancer alarm and all the emotions associated with it may cause doctors, as well as patients to jump the gun on surgery.

Indian health experts say that most prostate cancer patients learn about their condition only when the disease has reached an advanced state. However, doctors say that immediate surgery is not always the answer, as sometimes a watchful eye is plenty.

Prostate Cancer Advancement

According to the medical community, prostate cancer is actually a slow-moving disease. Surprisingly enough, records show that most patients die with the affection rather than from it, even if the condition is left untreated. However, there are certain cases when the disease progresses at an aggressive pace. This has left doctors wondering how to effectively distinguish aggressive cancers from indolent ones.

Diagnosis Tools

A lot of discussions went round how new diagnosis tools can tell physicians more about a prostate cancer patient’s condition. It appeared that the discussion stemmed from the fact that the mainstay of prostate cancer screening, PSA blood tests, actually caused a lot of confusion as they sometimes gave out false information.

Furthermore, what was once thought to be the definitive test for prostate cancer, namely a biopsy, also has its pitfalls, health experts revealed. For example, a doctor looking for tumorous cells in the prostate can miss the affected area and ends up taking a sample of healthy tissue. Ultimately, the physician deems the patient in good condition with no reason to worry, while his cancer remains concealed. A past study showed that almost 35 percent of prostate cancer cases are missed entirely on a patient’s first biopsy.

Undergoing a certain surgical procedure or radiation treatment can seriously impact a patient’s quality of life. Hence, doctors recommend those affected by prostate cancer to take a step back, analyze the situation in detail, consult with their healthcare provider, and find the best treatment option available, without necessarily considering the prostatectomy right away.

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