Punkin Chunkin Special Program Last Minute Call Off

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Punkin Chunkin annual contest puts two people in hospital, after last edition ended in a lawsuit.

Science Channel has officially announced that it will not air the Thanksgiving special edition Punkin Chunkin this year. After a series of accidents prior to the contest, a woman suffered serious injuries and a man also had to receive medical care for non-life-threatening injuries.

Punkin Chunkin  has been on the rocks since 2015, when yet another accident occurred that ended in a lawsuit. Science Channel also released a statement expressing concerns and best wishes for the injured people.

Flying Pumpkin Accident

Punkin Chunkin was set to return after a two-year absence from the big screens. However, a woman suffered multiple injuries, after a homemade cannon broke apart. The explosion sent pieces of shrapnel flying in her direction, ultimately inflicting a series of serious wounds.

Doctors immediately placed her in intensive care. At first, police reported her dead. However, the doctors at Christina Hospital in Stanton placed the 39-year-old woman in intensive care.

There were several judges on the site at the time of the accident. Their job was to inspect each cannon and ultimately provide a safe environment for the contestants. However, shortly before 2:40 p.m. on Sunday, the trap door of the Punkin Reaper flew off due to a compression-related malfunction. Each cannon on the site was capable of launching pumpkins nearly 3000 feet into the air using compressed air.

After the explosion, people were running for their lives in all directions. The 39-year-old woman that is now in critical condition suffered injuries to the head and face.

Witnesses Account

Paramedics arrived moments after to offer treatment to the woman. The Delaware State Police’s Spokesman, Master Cpl. Jeffrey Hale says that she received extensive treatment at the event grounds before she was rushed to the hospital.

Another attendee to the annual Punkin Chunkin national contest saw the cannon malfunctioning and experienced the aftermath of the unfortunate accident first-hand. He says that the organizers stopped the competition and asked the contestants on site to pray for the injured woman.

Furthermore, the explosion also affected a 56-year-old-male. However, his did not face any life-threatening injuries. Therefore, doctors were able to treat his wounds at an area hospital.

Discovery Communications’ Decision

“In light of the unfortunate incident at the Punkin Chunkin event on November 6, Science Channel will not air Punkin Chunkin as originally planned.”

Science Channel was preparing to re-launch Punkin Chunkin this year, after a two years absence.

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