American Red Cross Needs Blood Donations

Blood donation in containers.

Local communities are encouraged by the American Red Cross to contribute with blood donations.

As the holiday season is close, the American Red Cross needs blood donations to have a full stock during the winter. Based on the statistics, most regular donors stop donating since Thanksgiving until the 1st of January because they are very busy with holiday activities.

This is why the American Red Cross is usually short on blood donations during the holiday season. This organization aims to make sure that every patient across the United States will benefit from a blood transfusion during the following months.

According to Katie Osorio, a regular donor, donating blood and time means giving someone out there a chance to survive another day. She stresses that you just need to make a small effort in order to save someone.

Methods to Make Blood Donations

Those who want to donate blood can simply download the Blood Donor Application, call 1-800-RED CROSS / 1-800-733-2767, or they can go directly to the American Red Cross Website. The online platform also has a RapidPass questionnaire which donors should complete, thus saving more time next time they donate blood.

You will find all the necessary instructions on the website, so make sure you follow all the steps to complete the online questionnaire.

By doing this, donors will have their health history registered in the American Red Cross database. The organization needs any blood type to provide a massive blood supply to U.S. medical centers.

Eligibility Requirements

Donors need a driver’s license, a donor card, or other two identification documents to be allowed to donate. Adolescents of at least 17 years old, or 16 in other states, and who have at least an 110-pound weight are considered eligible.

High-school teenagers of 18 years or younger have to meet some weight and height requirements as well. The American Red Cross provides not only food and shelter for many people affected by natural disasters, but it also offers emotional support.

Regarding blood donations, this non-profit organization supplies roughly forty percent of the United States blood. Besides this, its volunteers are qualified professionals trained to save lives and provide support to military members as well as their families.

Many blood donations are expected by the end of November, now that the organization has raised awareness among the local communities.

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