The Run For Prostate Cancer Due to This Weekend

The run for prostate cancer raises awareness about the disease

Poster for the run for prostate cancer

September, the first month of autumn, was declared the National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. A run is scheduled for this weekend, and the aim of the event is to raise awareness about the disease.  Other educational activities are also planned, and they are meant to provide people with useful information one one of the most common types of cancer.

History of the Run for Prostate Cancer

According to statistics, the most deadly form of cancer with men is lung cancer. However, prostate cancer ranks second place in the list. The run for prostate cancer takes place every year, and organizers expect many participants for its current edition. It is not necessary for you to run; you can just walk, as long as you join volunteers in their informational campaign on the disease.

The run for prostate cancer has been going on for ten years now. It is called The ZERO Prostate Cancer Challenge and, as always, the money obtained from the event will be donated to specialized research. This year, the event is due to Sunday, September 25. It seems like the perfect ending for a month dedicated to raising awareness about the disease.

The 2016 edition of the run for prostate cancer will take place at Towson University. Both volunteers and former cancer patients will participate. The testimonies of survivors stand as one of the best informative sources. According to them, and to specialists as well, early scanning can save patients’ lives.

Medical Advice

Doctors advise men to get their tests done every year, as the disease can act without notice. Prostate cancer doesn’t have significant symptoms, so patients would not even know that they are sick. This is why experts strongly recommend early testing.

Like any other disease, the sooner prostate cancer is diagnosed, the better, because treatment will react immediately to the damaged cells, preventing the disease from spreading. Statistics show that one in seven men are prone to the disease during their lifetime.


Health experts are aware that some of the patients lose the fight against the disease. As far as 2016 is concerned, 26,120 deaths are estimated to occur, out of 180,890 diagnosed cases.  However, specialists do not intend to alarm people, but to encourage them to take their tests, just to make sure they are not facing any health risks.

Throughout the history of the event, the yearly run for prostate cancer managed to raise $3 million in Maryland.  Out of the sum, $500,000 were raised thanks to the 2016 edition. Organizers hope at least for a similar result this year. Will you participate in such an event for such a good cause?

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