Samsung Galaxy S8 Might Come with Some Unwelcome Surprises

samsung galaxy s8

Placing the fingerprint sensor out of reach and hard coding the brand into the screen’s top won’t fare the Samsung Galaxy S8 too well.

With the clock ticking for the giant South Korean tech company, there is little room for error, especially after last year’s Note 7 fiasco. Undoubtedly, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will take its place as one of the most powerful and stylish handsets of 2017. If it’s about what rumors are saying about the purported handset, one could find it rather difficult to find any flaws with Samsung’s upcoming smartphone. Many have feared the rumored specs and appearances are too good to be true. Unfortunately, some were right to doubt the Samsung Galaxy S8, and here’s why.

Intrusive Branding

One of the best features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is considered to be its large display. By shrinking down the bezels, engineers at Samsung were able to fit a much larger screen on Galaxy S7’s chassis. Rumors, so far, had it Samsung completely let go of the physical home button and replaced it with touch-sensitive one, built directly into the screen. However, even though the tech company altered, let’s hope in a positive way, the unit’s functionality, it does not seem so keen on waiving its branding yet.

While the company’s logo is, as always, present on the back of the unit, there was not much space to work with on the front where the humongous display resides. Hence, according to one of the most famous leakers, Evan Blass, software engineers will most likely hard code the top ¼ of the screen to display “SAMSUNG”. If the rumors turn up to be true, this will counteract the whole concept of slimming down the handset’s bezels to start with.

Fingerprint Reader out of Reach

Samsung’s initiative to integrate the fingerprint sensor directly into the screen and ditching the physical home button altogether put Android enthusiasts’ hearts on fire. The main reasons behind the futuristic concept are easy to understand: no room on the unit’s front because of the slimmed down bezels, and insane looks. However, that fire may soon be put out.

Leaked photos show the company is thinking about relocating the fingerprint sensor. While handsets with this feature place the sensor where users’ index finger could comfortably reach, the South Korean tech giant prefers it at the top, right next to the rear camera.

However, good news may still be in store for those in low spirits. Perhaps the company is toying with multiple prototypes to see which stick to the public. Also, even if the top ¼ will be hard coded to display Samsung’s logo, it could be easily thrown out via future software updates, depending on the customers’ feedback. Either way, it’s only a matter of time until customers will find out exactly what the Samsung Galaxy S8 will bring to the table.

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