Samsung Plans to Atone for Its Sins with the Galaxy S8 Handset

samsung galaxy s8

Samsung is aiming to sell a staggering 60 million Galaxy S8 units worldwide in 2017.

There is no doubt the Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most anticipated handsets of 2017. However, climbing back up to former glory may take more than just selling a couple of million smartphones here and there for the South Korean tech giant. Rumors initially said the company is going to start rolling out the device in the first months of 2017. However, sources who are familiar with the company’s future plans are revealing that Samsung is taking every precaution in order to ensure the new smartphones won’t experience the same fate as the Note 7.

Samsung’s Goal

According to a new report that surfaced in the Galaxy series’ homeland, Samsung is planning on selling no less than 60 million units worldwide this year. If the company achieves its goal, how impressive as it may be, it still only comes close to successes experienced in the past.

In comparison, Samsung sold 65 million Galaxy S3s in 2012. Better yet, the Galaxy S4 really hit the spot with the company placing one unit in the hands of no less than 70 million users. As of this point, the S4 is Samsung’s bestselling handset. Not even the Galaxy S6, or the S7 come close to their predecessor.

Now, Samsung wants to get back in the game with the Galaxy S8. Delaying the launching date might be a good thing, though, even if users have to wait more to get their hands on the most wanted Android-powered smartphone of the year. As expected, Samsung is taking its time with the flagship, in an effort to gain back users’ trust.

Previous Galaxy S Sales

Up until 2013, when the S4 stepped in, Samsung Galaxy S3 was the company’s bestselling handset with sales exceeding 60 million. After the S4 enjoyed tremendous success, however, sales dropped when talking about the Galaxy S5 and stabilized around 45 million units distributed worldwide. 2015’s Samsung Galaxy S6 enjoyed the S5’s same numbers, not one unit more or less sold. At this point, no one knows for sure how many S7 units have been sold so far, but analysts estimate the numbers get closer to 48 million.

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