Kerastase and Withings Work Together to Develop the Hair Coach Smart Hairbrush

smart hairbrush

The smart hairbrush gathers information on the owner’s hair health, analyzes data via a smartphone app, and gives personalized recommendations for hair products.

A luxury hair care company and tech company worked tougher to build the world’s first smart hairbrush, dubbed Hair Coach. While the concept might come as a joke for some, women who take pride in their luscious locks welcomed Hair Coach with open arms. The smart hairbrush is able to gather information on the user’s hair and consequently provides directions to improve hair care.


Kerastase, the hair care company has developed an app that gathers information from the hairbrush. While running the bristles through the strands of hair, a microphone picks up the sounds, records them, and passes the sample to the smartphone paired with the hairbrush. The app then analyzes the audio sample and is able to tell if the hair is either oily, dry, or damaged in any way. Based on the results, the app provides the Hair Coach user with treatment options, depending on the issue.

Furthermore, the smart hairbrush also comes with a pedometer that records the numbers of strokes per each session. Over time, the Hair Coach analyzes shifts in the users’ hair brushing pattern and lets them know about their progress. Since the hair care company has developed the app, most of the recommendations are for its line of hair products. Nevertheless, one can always use the diagnosis and address the issue using any other brand of choice. Moreover, the app also pulls data on environmental factors such as humidity and helps the Hair Coach users find the best products to keep their hair safe throughout a bad day.

Ultimately,  Withings, the tech company, also built haptic feedback into the handle. This lets users know when they are brushing too hard, possibly damaging their hair.


The companies boast about the smart hairbrush’s stylist-approved design. The Hair Coach comes with a white paddle and ergonomic, slightly flattened handle. The bristles are made of nylon, plastic, and natural boar bristles. The combination helps to distribute the hair’s oil while brushing, ensuring users can detangle without pain while promoting healthy circulation at the scalp.

Image Source: Pixabay

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