Smart Innovations on Display at the 50th Edition of CES

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Smart pants, hairbrushes, and digital backpacks are expected to hit the markets sometime this year.

On Friday, January 6th, 2017, during the 50th Consumer Electronics Show edition in Las Vegas, tech companies presented several smart inventions that would bring humans one step closer to fantasy-level lifestyle.

Among the innovations presented at the gadget show, smart devices like an app-connected hairbrush, smart bikinis, and a digital backpack that puts your pictures on display also made an appearance. While some would deem some of the devices useless, Gartner Research’s vice president, Mark Hung said that tech companies are just throwing ideas out there and see what gets the public’s attention.

Smart Hairbrush

Women who oftentimes experience hair issues will be able to get their hands on the Hair Coach smart hairbrush sometime in mid-2017. The $200 battery-powered hairbrush has a microphone, a pedometer, a gyroscope, and various other sensors that monitor how hard and how fast women brush their hair. The hairbrush can also tell if the hair is damaged in any way and even discern if the locks are either wet or dry.  Furthermore, the Hair Coach is able to give its user advice on how to take better care of their hair via a smartphone app that gathers information from the hairbrush’s sensors.

Smart Jeans and Bikinis

A French startup company, Spinali Design, presented a pair of vibrating jeans at the convention. The pair of jeans lets its user know which way to go by vibrating either on the left or right hip, depending on the direction one’s headed.

Furthermore, the company also took the opportunity to present yet another vibrating clothing piece. The buzzing bikinis will alert its user when to apply more sunscreen and when to get out of the sun. The bikinis are $40 more expensive than the jeans, coming in at $140.

Digital Backpack

Pop-I, a California startup company equipped a regular backpack with a digital screen that lets the user display photos from their gallery, or pictures taken only moments before. The company hopes that Instagram aficionados, in particular, will take interest in their device. Even though a launch date has not been officially set for the digital backpack, Pop-I plans to roll the smart device sometime this year, along with other clothing pieces that operate in a similar manner. Anyone interested in the digital backpack should start saving some money, as the prices can go as high as $399 a piece.

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