Future Predictions: The Battle for Space Becomes a Battle in Space


The U.S. makes preparations for future battles in space.

Since the human race has taken to space, there have been worries among scientists that the competition between nations for space control is far from over and if something, only just beginning. Numerous sci-fi movies have depicted over the course of years encounters between the humans and aliens, inevitably resulting in some kind of warfare.

However, it may not take an alien civilization to wipe us from the face of the Earth. Instead, we may do that ourselves. General John Hyten of the US Strategic Command expresses such worries in a statement for CNN. According to Mr. Hyten, a conflict in space will most certainly take place somewhere in the future due to the violent nature of the human race. In order to exemplify his thoughts on the matter, Gen. John Hyten talks about the numerous conflicts in the Wild West as humans moved to the West and the Wolrd Wars in Europe.

Many satellites have already been deployed by China, Russia, and the U.S. However, the latter is the most dependent of them than any other. Hence, Gen. Hyten believes some precautionary measures have to be taken in order for the U.S. to be able to deal with any threat from the competition.

Space Battle Scenario

In a try for space control, the opposing forces will start by launching a cyber attack on the main infrastructure. Next, the U.S. satellites will be brought down. As a consequence, everything that links humans together in virtual environments from televisions to the Internet will come to a halt.

Moreover, banks and stock markets will freeze together with railroad switches and traffic lights. Airplanes will be cut off from ground control and unable to land or avoid storms. In terms of international relations, the world leaders will no longer be able to communicate to each other. Furthermore, the U.S. will lose control of unmanned drones, smart bombs, and all nuclear weapons available.

Space Battle Preparations

U.S. has not been blind to this threat. In 1982 the US Air Force Space Command was established in order to prepare in case of a space attack from other nations. Today, the program features over 30,000 employees, 134 locations around the world and an impressive budget of roughly $9 billion. A team is constantly monitoring the military satellites of both U.S. as well as other nations’ units.

However, U.S. has got to keep the pace with Russia and China who have already deployed threatening satellites. Russia has the Kosmos 2499 which is thought to be a kamikaze satellite, able to creep up to other machines and destroy them. China has also deployed the Shiyan 7 back in 2013 which features a grappling arm capable of throwing other satellites out of the orbit.

In response, Robert Work, the Deputy Defense Secretary suggests that the U.S. is currently focusing on developing a space battleship equivalent to the Navy warships used in the World War II.

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