How Much Exercise You Need to Burn Off Super Bowl Calories

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Going for healthier foods for the Super Bowl night seems like a better alternative than having to run the equivalent of 149 stadiums to burn off calories for one serving of chicken wings.

Thanksgiving aside, Americans love to dig into delicious foods when watching the “Big Game”. However, sitting in front of the TV cheering on while downing sodas and stuffing one’s face with whatever falls in hand could seriously impact the individual’s overall health. In order to counteract the risks associated with excessive eating, physicians developed a list or exercises one must perform to get rid of the excess calories accumulated in front of the TV based on the Americans’ choice of foods for the Super Bowl.

Chicken Wings

Ten deep-fried chicken wings add up to a total of 950 calories. If you count in Pizza Hut’s Wing Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce of 460 calories, a single serving adds up to 1400 calories. According to a National Chicken Council annual report, almost 1.33 billion chicken wings are projected to be consumed by individuals across the country during the Super Bowl.

The only way to counteract the “caloric suicide”, as it has been dubbed by nutritionists and health experts, one would need to run the equivalent of 149 football fields. If running is not an option, physicians recommend to bake skinless wings instead of frying them in the comfort of your own home, instead of taking them to-go.

Footlong Meatball Sub

The treat has double meatballs, provolone cheese, hearty Italian roll, and marinara sauce that add up to 932 calories. To get rid of them, one would need 109 minutes of climbing the stadium stairs. A less breathtaking alternative, however, would be to make your own sandwich with low-fat mozzarella, turkey meatballs, and a whole-grain roll. Or, if the urge is too great to resist, go for a footlong Oven Roasted Chicken sub, which is 467 calories, recommend nutritionists.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager Beer

No Super Bowl could do without beer. However, in order to counteract the health hazards associated with downing four Samuel Adams Boston Lager Beer, one would have to play 68 minutes of professional football without rest.

Or, go for other low-calorie beers such as Michelob Ultra (95 calories), Miller 64 (64 calories), Natural Light (95 calories), Bud Select (55 calories), or Miller Lite (96 calories) instead.

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