Terracotta Warriors May Have Been Inspired By Greeks

terracotta warriors

These terracotta warriors were discovered by farmers in 1974.

In one of the oldest city in China are 8,000 terracotta warriors that have been watching over Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China. Until now everybody believed that they were made only by Chinese but apparently they have European influences, Greeks may have inspired the statues.

If this is really confirmed it means that there might have been a contact between the West and the East before Marco Polo. This could rewrite the history of China and the relationships that it had with other civilizations.

These terracotta warriors were discovered by farmers in 1974. The statues were built more than 2000 years ago and were buried underground. These are not the only warriors discovered in China.  A lot of other places had this type of warriors, but they were less detailed and smaller than the ones watching over the first emperor.

Researchers mentioned that before the warriors of Qin were made there wasn’t a tradition for Chinese to build this kind of things. This is why they are wondering when and where the tradition started.

Historians and archaeologists uncovered traces of DNA that may belong to Europeans. These traces were found in skeletons that were buried near the site which shows that Europeans might have lived and settled in that area before Qin, the Emperor.

The terracotta warriors also resembled other sculptures made by Greeks in that period. This is why the experts who discovered the DNA traces believed that there was contact between the West and the East even before Marco Polo’s discoveries. This means that The East and the West had contact 1600 years ago and the West shared some techniques with Chinese artists.

The site that was discovered in 1974 is even bigger than was revealed then. Now experts uncovered more burials at the site which has now 98 square kilometers.

The problem with this discovery is that if it is the way the researchers think it is it might be very controversial and could change the history of China. The entire history of China will be remade is there is a case to support the scenario.

The whole documentary will be revealed this month and will show all the details of the researchers.

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