Tesla Model 3: A Hate It or Love It Car

Model 3

Apart from the large display, the cup holders and the storage area in the center console, the interior of the Model 3 lacks anything else.

Tesla has been known to viciously protect its secrets and it is safe to assume that no other company does it better. This could also be observed after Tesla has announced rolling out its latest creation, namely the Model 3. However, the company has been very tight-lipped about what customers should expect to see in the upcoming car. Moreover, Tesla has also prohibited any photoshoots of the Model 3’s interior.

Nevertheless, a leaked image of the cabin is circling the internet, offering a glimpse into what the company’s latest creation has been hiding from the public view for so long. For Model 3, Tesla went for a minimalistic design. In fact, so minimalistic that some people consider it rather boring.

Tesla’s Model 3 Interior

The photo shows that the cabin has no buttons, no switches, and nothing that a driver would normally expect to see in a car. Even though it is not visible in the picture, Model 3 features a large glass panel in the roof. Also, like most of Tesla’s cars, the dashboard features a tablet-like device which controls the car’s functions.

Furthermore, in the center console, there is a small storage space and two cupholders. Hence, apart from the large display, the cup holders and the storage area in the center console, the Model 3’s cabin lacks anything else. Two other pieces of equipment that most car owners see in a cabin are the air vents and the instrument cluster. However, none of these come with the new Model 3. Instead of the air vents, there is a large slit that runs the width of the dashboard.  The instrument cluster is missing because Tesla says it is going to opt for a more advanced HUD.

People’s Thoughts on the Tesla Model 3

Because of the eccentric design, Tesla has chosen for the Model 3’s interior, opinions among potential customers are divided. As a result, some people are all in for the simple pattern, while others are turning away from it.

As far as the people who are disappointed by the cabin are concerned, they say that the interior looks cheap and unappealing. At the same time, Model 3 enthusiasts are ready to pay the $35,000 and take home their dream car.

Image Source: Youtube

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  • Bernt Granbacke

    I can’t speak for all other reservation holders, but I am very happy with a clean interior. For me it doesn’t make sense for the interior to be full of instruments and stuff if it’s self driving.

  • Carl Raymond S

    It’s a zero emission vehicle. Climate change. I can put up with more than one aesthetic design fault if it means our kids have a future.