Texas Family Files Lawsuit Against Dentist Who Performed Unnecessary Procedure on Toddler

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A Texas family demands compensations for the untimely death of their 14-month-old toddler who died after a dentist performed unnecessary surgery.

Following the death of 14-month-old in 2016, a Texas family has filed a lawsuit against the dentists who handled the toddler’s procedure. According to the grieving family, the procedures performed on the toddler were unnecessary, resulting in the little girl’s death. The Texas family is demanding financial reparations amounting to $1 million.

In the Wake of the Tragedy

The Texas family of 14-month-old Daisy Lynn Torres, the toddler who died in March 2016 due to anesthesia complications after a dental procedure, intends to file an unlawful death lawsuit against Michael Melanson, the dentist who performed Daisy’s procedure. Melanson and his anesthesiologist are both under scrutiny, after the official investigation conducted by Travis County’s Medical examiner revealed that the dentists performed unnecessary procedures.

As Daisy’s family recalls, on the 29th of March, 2016, the toddler was taken to the North Austin Medical Center to have two cavities filled. However, upon consulting the 14-month-old girl, Michael Melanson, the toddler’s appointed dentist, decided to do two additional root canal procedures and put dental crows on at least four teeth.

According to Melanson’s case file, during the said dental procedure, the 14-month-old toddler lost consciousness right after the anesthesiologist finished administering the sleeping agent. Unfortunately, the doctors weren’t able to resuscitate the toddler.

One year later, the girl’s parents have decided to file an unlawful lawsuit against Melanson, his anesthesiologist, and the dental clinic where the toddler was treated. Prior to the girl’s visit to the North Austin Medical Center, the family took her for dental X-rays.

Texas Family vs. The Dentist

After reviewing the dental X-rays and comparing them to Melanson’s surgical approach, the Travis County’s Medical Examiner concluded that the procedures were not necessary. Moreover, court documents reveal that Melanson’s procedures were part of a larger corporate scheme designed to extract a large amount of money from taxpayers.

Elizandro Torres, the toddler’s father, declared in a press statement that he and his family decided to take this course of action because they want the public to become aware of what happens behind the scenes, after paying their monthly taxes.

Sean Breen, the Texas family’s legal consultant, declared that the lawsuit serves two major purposes. First of all, for the family to seek justice for the death of their daughter and, at the same time, to discourage clinics and doctors from recommending and performing unnecessary procedures.

Daisy’s family are now demanding $1million in financial reparations from Melanson, his anesthesiologist, and the North Austin Medical Center.

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