Thanksgiving Dietary Info For Your Pets

Man and dog fighting over a chocolate bar.

You should take care of your pets’ diet this Thanksgiving.

As Thanksgiving is close, veterinarians strongly recommend people to make sure they prevent their pets from eating too many sweets and other foods.

Some people might add to their diets artificial sweeteners, such as Xylitol, which is especially harmful to pets. Fortunately, many pet owners know that they shouldn’t feed their cats and dogs with chocolate. Below, we will present other foods you shouldn’t give to your pets this Thanksgiving.

Turkey Skin and Bones To The Trash

Although it might sound surprising, even dogs can choke on turkey bones because they are large. Also, some of them are sharp, meaning that they can cause puncture wounds in the intestines and stomach.

If you still feel like sharing your Thanksgiving turkey with your pets, then you can feed them with cooked pieces, especially breast meat, but make sure it doesn’t contain any bones. It is worth mentioning that you should also avoid turkey skin because it has a lot of fat and your dogs will have problems digesting it.

Other foods rich in fat are walnuts, pecans, and almonds which might lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and a higher risk of pancreatitis.

Stuffing is Out of The Thanksgiving Menu

Experts underline that the stuffing from most Thanksgiving turkeys is toxic to animals. More precisely, vegetables such as onions, garlic, and scallions will trigger anemia.

In addition to this, mushrooms are very dangerous too as dogs might experience seizures, violent vomiting, coma, and even death. Nutmegs will also cause similar hallucinogenic effects in your pets, so don’t use it when you cook if you plan to share your food with your furry friend.

Alcohol is Not For Pets

Any foods containing alcohol such as meat and sweets might lead to a higher blood acidity, tremors, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, and vomiting in your pets. Therefore, keep in mind that if you mix your turkey with some wine, it might not be the best idea to feed your dog with a chunk of it.

Veterinarians underline that there are some foods you can give to your pets, such as carrots, green beans, and other cooked vegetables. Mashed potatoes are good as well, but make sure you don’t mix them with any spices.

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