Healthy Set of Twins Born to a 64-Year-Old Mother


Doctors say the twins are in good health but are uncertain whether the mother is capable to take good care of them.

A 64-year-old Spanish woman whose name was not released to the media successfully gave birth to healthy twins. Doctors who assisted her to bring her babies to the world say that the woman is at her second advanced age delivery.

Health Officials Statements

The set of twins was born at Recoletas Hospital in Madrid. On Thursday, February 16th, Enrique Martin, the health facility’s director said that the babies were in good condition after being delivered by cesarean section. The twins are a girl who weighed 4.9 pounds and a boy weighing 5.3 pounds.

According to a local publication, Diario de Burgos, the mother delivered her first child at the age of 58. However, the girl was removed from her care in 2014 and place in local authorities’ custody because she was poorly taken care of and was not registered in the school system.

The 64-year-old mother has only been identified by her initials, M.I.A., and became pregnant a second time after seeking in-vitro fertilization in the United States. Enrique Martin said he engaged in a discussion with the rest of the health facility’s officials and regional government’s social services to determine whether the new mother is capable and has the resources to properly take care of the newborns. All else aside, Recoletas Hospital’s director says he is proud of the doctors’ swift medical response to such a delicate situation.

Spanish In-Vitro Fertilization Policy

Enrique Martin says the woman showed up at the hospital’s door when she was already 4 months pregnant. He says doctors had nothing to do but proceed with caution and see the babies successfully delivered.

Spanish laws do not forbid women from seeking assisted reproduction at an advanced age. However, the Spanish Fertility Society discourages in-vitro fertilization for women over 50.

In 2016, a 62-year-old health expert who specializes in such treatments in the city of Lugo introduced to the world her third baby. As a result, many perceived Lina Alvarez as a source of inspiration as she was encouraging others to follow in her footsteps. Needless to say, there were also many who opposed her views and deemed her incapable of taking care of her children in a proper manner.

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