ISS Astronaut’s GoPro Captures Mysterious Object, Possibly a UFO, Creeping up to the Space Station in Low Orbit


UFO hunters are convinced the object seen in the footage is an alien spacecraft. The object could be observed for a brief time before NASA cut ISS’ live feed to Earth.

A video that shows something levitating into Earth’s low orbit has sparked intense debates over the internet about the mysterious object’s origin. An astronaut on the International Space Station captured what some believe to be a UFO on his GoPro creeping up to the station. However, the video’s authenticity is questionable.

The short clip went viral on Youtube, capturing the attention of thousands of people. Among them, there were some UFO hunters who strongly believe the object seen in the footage stands as clear evidence of advanced alien life observing life on Earth.

UFO Hunters’ Revelations

It is not the object in itself, necessarily, that fuels the UFO hunters’ determination to somehow prove it was an alien spacecraft observing the ISS out there. It is actually the fact that NASA cut the live feed once the agency realized what was going on. The footage was uploaded on January 5th and shows an unidentified object taking an 180-degree turn outside the International Space Station while flying close to the center.

Furthermore, GoPro cameras are supposed to allow users to capture extraordinary moments such as this one in the best way possible through the advanced video stabilization it features, impressive visual display, and improved audio coverage. A similar incident occurred in the summer of 2016 when NASA once again cut the feed after a mysterious object was seen descending from space.

Skeptics’ Response

While UFO hunters are quite convinced that the object seen in the footage is actually an alien spaceship and nothing seems to convince them otherwise, skeptics believe it is nothing more than a light show or a camera glitch at fault for so many heated discussions. Other theories point to some kind of debris floating at will in space, either man-made or space junk.

Most believe it is a reflection of light coming from Earth on the camera lenses or nothing more than a meteor circling our planet. Needless to say, UFO hunters do not see eye to eye with these theories. They strongly believe aliens are out there and even though they do not want to establish contact, they watch humans from a safe distance.

Image Source: Youtube

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