Ultrasound could make your child vulnerable to autism


Ultrasound could make your child vulnerable to autism

Pregnancy is one of the best things that women can have.  However, they should pay attention because ultrasound could make their child vulnerable to autism. According to a new study, children with autism are stressed by ultrasound and there could be worse side effects for them. There is no evidence that medical ultrasound can cause autism. It is just making the child vulnerable.

Doctors are advising women not to use ultrasound unless it is a medical necessity because it can affect their child’s life. Whatever drugs the expectant mothers  are taking, the child is also affected by them. A similar thing happens with the ultrasound ,the child being exposed to many threats. The study only found a connection on the effect in the first trimester. There was no evidence that ultrasound is harmful to the baby in the second and third trimester. Researchers used data on 2 644 families in the United States . They wanted to prove that ultrasound makes children vulnerable to autism.

Autism is part of a complex group of brain development disorders. The spectrum of the disease is wide, causing difficulties in social interaction and repetitive actions. Although autism  is an incurable disease, children and adults who benefit from therapies can reduce symptoms. There are people who live with autism, getting by like healthy adults. The problem is not all those with autism begin treatment soon and it gets harder when you are an adult.

Researchers said that children with autism are attached to their parents. However, they do not show by ordinary means. This happens because they find it difficult to understand what others think or feel. Think of how your life would be if you were not able to interpret gestures and facial expressions.

Researchers are not yet able to say for sure if ultrasound medicine is harmful for pregnant women. While they did discover a link between autism and ultrasound use, a cause and effect relation was not established so further studies are needed.

Until then, researchers advise pregnant women to get an ultrasound only if their doctor recommends it. There is nothing wrong in being cautious, especially since scientists are yet to discover the true cause of autism.

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    This woman should have her degree revoked. She states multiple times that there is no connection and then concludes there may be a connection? Why not kill a chicken at midnight…that doesn’t cure autism, but it might. Moron.