Black Insomnia Is The Name Of The Strongest Coffee In The World

black insomnia coffee beans

Black Insomnia or the ‘strongest coffee in the world’ will start being available on the U.S. market.

Black Insomnia Coffee announced last week that it struck a deal with Amazon. This will make its ultra-caffeinated product available on the U.S. market. The company produces what is currently considered as the “world’s strongest coffee” or the Black Insomnia.

These coffee beans first became available last year, in South Africa. Now, they will start being available on the U.S. market as well. However, Black Insomnia comes with its set of warnings. This coffee features an impressive caffeine content, one which could potentially cause health problems.

Black Insomnia Coffee stated that it put these special beans to the test. They were analyzed scientifically, in order to attest its status as the “world’s strongest coffee”. These tests showed that Black Insomnia contains 702 milligrams of caffeine in every 12-ounce cup. A usual such portion contains about 150 milligrams. As it is, Black Insomnia’s caffeine content is also higher than Death Wish’s.

This latter is also a very strong coffee. Nonetheless, it comes with ‘only’ 660 milligrams of caffeine in a 12-ounce cup. The company also pointed out the following. There are, in fact, products with a higher caffeine content. However, these also reportedly contain additives, so the company does not consider them “pure coffee”.

Black Insomnia Comes With A #SLEEPINGISCHEATING Hashtag

The company stated that:

“Our beans may taste great, they may be smooth “with the flavours of nuts and caramel”, but if you can’t handle the kick, it may just not be for you.”

Due to its very high caffeine content, users should be careful before drinking this coffee, especially if they have health issues. As it, the company also stated that it is happy to offer its beverage to users that will not have problems after drinking it.

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Three Armed Individuals Arrested After Trying to Rob the Rolex Store from Bellagio Casino

Bellagio tower

Three heavily-armed individual including one wearing a pig mask tried to rob the Rolex store from the Bellagio Casino on Saturday.

You know the saying ‘What happens in Vegas, staying in Vegas.’ Well, the recent Vegas happening is so out of this world, that it would have been a pity not to be shared with the rest of the world. According to the Las Vegas Police Department, a squad of police officers dressed in full tactical gear was dispatched on Saturday at the Bellagio Casino, after a called declared that he heard a couple of gunshots and saw a man wearing a pig mask and dragging around a sledgehammer.

Bellagio Incident – Police Report

According to the Las Vegas Police Department, on Saturday morning, an individual dialed 911 and told the operator that he heard a couple of gunshots. The authorities moved in and arrested three heavily armed suspects who broke into the Rolex store. LVMPD declared that the suspects were taken down without the use of firearms.

However, there’s more to this story than the official police report. Kira, a 21-year-old woman from California, and Chris, a 50-year-old professional poker player from the city of Las Vegas, were inside the Bellagio Casino when the robbery occurred.

What Really Happened?

According to Kira’s recollection of the events, as she was leaving one of the casino’s bathroom, she saw a robust man, dressed in black apparel, standing outside the luxury watches shop. The man was holding a sledgehammer in his left hand and a pistol in his right hand. Kira recalls hearing the individual shouting “Get Out! Get Out” and pointing his gun towards the people trying to get away.

Before fleeing, the 21-year-old woman managed to take a picture of the assailants who was, indeed, wearing an oversized pig mask and carrying a sledgehammer.

Meanwhile, in another part of the casino, Chris was just about to play another round of poker when he heard a couple of shots. The last thing he remembered was seeing people trying to escape from the casino.

According to the authorities, it would appear that the robbers’ show of force created mass hysteria and some of the casino’s clients were trampled during their escape. Fortunately, no one was injured during the robbery.

After a couple of minutes, the law enforcement officers arrived and took the individual into custody. It appears that at least three heavily-armed individuals were involved in the robbery of the Rolex shops and all of them wore masks to conceal their faces.

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Meteorologists Announce Severe Weather for Alabama on Wednesday

severe weather

Weather experts issued a warning for severe weather for Wednesday, March 1st. Hail will most likely mark the first day of spring for Alabama residents, forecasters predict.

Weather experts are growing ever more confident that Alabama residents will be forced to remain indoors on the first day of spring. However, the warnings don’t stop there. Meteorologists also announced the weather is going to take a turn for the worst on Monday and Tuesday, as well. Nevertheless, forecasters say March 1st has the highest probabilities of severe weather.

Severe Weather Setting In

On Wednesday, weather experts predict a cold front moving into the state with storms breaking out ahead and along of it. This got most forecasters worried, as they could reach severe limits. Experts with the National Weather Service say that all forms of severe weather are possible, including hail, as the main concern, damaging gusts of wind, and even small tornadoes. Hence, NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center experts placed the state of Alabama under severe weather risk on Wednesday.

Most affected will be central and northern Alabama with numerous storms, high in intensity. At the same time, however, some central regions in the state will be spared the severe storms but will see, nonetheless, powerful gusts of wind and only minor storms scattered around. Ultimately, the rest of Alabama will see only low-intensity storms here and there.

Regions Affected

The weather is already taking a turn for the worst, say National Weather Service experts, as a few strong to severe storms are expected to hit Alabama on Monday, February 27th. Hence, forecasters are keeping a close eye on gusts of wind exceeding 60 mph and the potential for hail associated with strong storms that could make an appearance in the evening. Meteorologists say that if any strong storms should form, they will do so mainly west of a line from Mobile to Evergreen to Camden. The storms predicted for Wednesday, however, will hit along the U.S. Highway 84 and move north.

The weather services warn Alabama residents about severe storms and say that a brief tornado can also make an appearance this week. Birmingham’s National Weather Service experts say the window for severe weather on March 1st appears to be between noon and 10 p.m. Meteorologists added regions along and north of a line from Mount Chaha to Calera to Cuba will most likely be subjected to severe storms. After the weather settles, experts believe the rest of the week will be drier and more seasonable.

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Neurosurgeon Receives Life in Prison Following a String of Failed Surgeries


45-year-old former North Texas neurosurgeon was sentenced to life in prison after multiple patients suffered irreparable damage or even died as a result of failed surgeries.

In a stunning turn of events, a neurosurgeon from Dallas was sentenced to life behind bars for a number of botched high-risk surgeries that left two of his patients paralyzed for life and a couple others dead. According to the prosecution, 45-year-old Christopher Duntsch was found guilty of intentionally killing or maiming his patients. In the case against him, 35 former patients have testified against him. However, the defense argues nothing was intentional, but Duntsch was simply a lousy surgeon, unfit for the job.

Former Neurosurgeon’s Skills

Federal prosecutors say that the defendant was actually an underqualified neurosurgeon. Talking about the surgeries Duntsch had performed in the past, the prosecution says it looked more like a carpenter operating in a medical theater.

Investigators discovered that on multiple occasions, the neurosurgeon planted screws in the spines of several of his patients that shouldn’t have been inserted, to begin with. Moreover, the defendant severed a vital vein in another patient and forgot a sponge in yet another. His negligence, say authorities, cost two people their lives. A couple others have been confined to a wheelchair since their surgeries. However, investigators did not find sufficient evidence to suggest Duntsch suffered from any mental disorders.

Christopher Duntsch Sentencing

On Monday, February 13th, the incompetent neurosurgeon was found guilty of the surgical blunders he stood accused of, conducted between July 2012 and June 2013. After just one hour of consulting, the jury unanimously decided Duntsch should receive life in prison for his deeds. Faith Johnson, Dallas County District Attorney praised the sentence saying the prosecution is feeling elated about the life sentence.

Patients’ Thoughts

Multiple patients have taken the stand against the neurosurgeon. Mary Efurd, 78, who is now confined to a wheelchair for the remainder of her life declared she put her whole faith in Duntsch back in 2012 when the surgery was conducted.

Kellie Martin died the same year because of health complication associated with the failed surgery. She left behind a daughter and a husband who say even though the sentencing does not bring Kellie back, at least justice has been served. Ultimately, multiple other former patients declared they were ecstatic with the neurosurgeon receiving life in prison.

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Wyoming Man Receives New Face a Decade after Suicide Attempt

face transplant

After being told he had to wait at least five years, Andy received the call about the face transplant only five months after signing up for the surgery.

Andy Sandness was only 21 years old when he tried to commit suicide almost ten years ago. Several days before Christmas, in 2006, overcome by negative emotions, the man grabbed a firearm from his closet, went outside, placed the gun under his chin, and pulled the trigger. Now, he says he instantly regretted that decision. When first responders arrived on the scene, they discovered the man without a face crying for help as he was repeatedly saying he wanted to live on.

Miraculously, Andy Sandness survived the suicide attempt. However, he was left without a face, as the bullet traveling through his skull shattered everything in its path. In the summer of 2016, a team of 60 surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses came together for a 56-hour-long surgery at the Mayo Clinic in an effort to give the man a new face. The face transplant – a first for the clinic – included the jaw, nose, chin, mouth, teeth, and cheeks and came from a donor roughly the same age as him who also tried to kill himself.

Andy Sandness’ Suicide Attempt

Only two days before Christmas, Andy couldn’t put up with his emotions any longer and decided to take his own life. A hunting enthusiast, he already had a permit and a rifle at home which he used in the attempted suicide. Luckily for him, though, the bullet missed his brain and he was able to survive the horrific incident. Emergency responders rushed him from his home in Newcastle Wyoming to the hospital. After being admitted to two health facilities and treated for his injuries over the course of several months, the man finally arrived at the Mayo Clinic.

Dr. Samir Mardini, a plastic surgeon assessed the damage and told his patient he would do everything is his power to reconstruct his face as best he could.

The Face Transplant

Initially, doctors expected the man would have to wait for at least five years to receive the rarest type of transplant there is. However, Andy received the call informing him a donor was found only five months after being placed on the waiting list.

The donor, Calen Ross, shot himself in the head and left behind an eight-month pregnant widow. At first, Lily, Ross’ widow was skeptical and said she didn’t want to see her dead husband’s face walking down the street should the transplant succeed. However, doctors worked around Andy’s own forehead and eyes and managed to give him his old appearance back.

Three months after the surgery, Andy says he is planning to become an electrician and hopefully marry and have a family of his own.

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Controversial Ku Klux Klan Faction Leader Found Dead

ku klux klan leader found dead

Law enforcement investigators are still investing the circumstances of Ku Klux Klan faction leader, Frank Ancona’s death with little to go on.

A family who went fishing for the weekend stumbled upon Frank Ancona’s lifeless body on Saturday, February 11th, near Belgrade, Montana. The 51-year-old Leadwood resident was best known for his title of imperial wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. According to family members, the man had been missing for several days until his body was discovered near Big River.

Saturday night, Zach Jacobsen, Washington County Sheriff issued a statement saying an autopsy is underway. Coroners have not released any potential cause of death yet. In spite of the man’s reputation, the sheriff deemed the man’s passing as a senseless and tragic act of violence.

Frank Ancona’s Vanishing

On Friday, February 10th, local law enforcement agencies have been alerted of Frank Ancona’s disappearance. His 2015 black Ford Fusion was discovered later by an employee working with the U.S. Forest Service on Forest Service property, near Potosi. By Saturday, deputies secured the area and requested assistance from the Missouri Highway Patrol.

Official Statements

Zach Jacobsen told reporters that two people were arrested in relation to the Ku Klux Klan faction leader’s disappearance. However, one of them was brought in on unrelated charges. The Washington County Sheriff added Frank Ancona’s family has been notified about his death.

According to local law enforcement officers, the man had not been seen since early Wednesday. William Dickey, Leadwood Police Chief told reporters that police officers learned about the 51-year-old’s mysterious disappearance from his employer.

The deceased’s wife told authorities that her husband received a call from work on that day requesting him to deliver some vehicle parts across the state. However, his employer told investigators the man was never sent on a delivery run.

Furthermore, investigators scouring around his house found a safe that had been forcibly opened, as if someone took a crowbar to it. William Dickey said that all the contents of the safe were missing, as well as several firearms owned by Frank Ancona. Malissa was questioned about a Facebook post she shared on the night of her husband’s disappearance, as she was looking for a roommate. However, law enforcement officers were told the man was planning to file for divorce and his wife was looking for a roommate to share the expenses with.

At this point, no details of the pending investigation have been released to the media.

Verizon And T-Mobile Are Standing On An Equal Foot

verizon store

According to the latest OpenSignal report, Verizon and T-Mobile are quite equal.

According to the latest OpenSignal report, Verizon stopped being the mobile network’s top leader. Why? Because T-Mobile is now reportedly standing on an equal foot with it.

Verizon Telecommunications is considered the largest wireless communications service provider in the United States. The broadband telecommunications company has been holding the position since 2014.

T-Mobile US is another major telecommunications company. It is also one of the largest wireless network operators in the United States. And a recently released report shows that the two are closer than believed.

Earlier this week, OpenSignal released its annual report. This is the 2017 State of Mobile Networks report. Its purpose? To track and analyze the availability and speed of the mobile carrier services. The report solely targets the United States. And the results were reportedly quite clear.

Verizon and T-Mobile are standing on quite an equal footing.

This may come as a surprise to some. Previously, Verizon was the undisputable mobile network carrier. But now, the company either won or shared every national prize with T-Mobile. This is all according to the T-Mobile report.

OpenSource based its report on a crowdsourced monitoring. One which revealed the following. The two wireless carriers offer a similar network performance. They also provide almost the same speeds.

The reports also pointed out the following. 4G speeds are on the rise with many city limits being higher than the national average.

OpenSource’s report is based on about 4.6 billion datapoints. These were gathered through its official app. This latter is currently being used across the United States. It has about 170,000 users.

Its analysis also pointed out the 4G supremacy battle. T-Mobile was noted to be slowly but surely gaining ground. But Verizon is still reportedly offering the best solution. The company has the highest available 4G availability. And it has also been bringing network updates.

In terms of network speeds, the two providers are still tied up. This fact was also noted in the last OpenSource report. This latter was released in the summer of 2016. More exactly, in August.

Analysts also compared the two reports. Which allowed them to point out the following. Overall, all the major network providers have been bringing updates. Their list includes Verizon and T-Mobile. And also AT&T as well as Sprint.

Sprint also revealed some significant advances. Besides Verizon, it marked some of the biggest strides. The consensus holds that it is doing so in order to catch up with the other 3 carriers. Overall, the United States is on an upwards trend in terms of 4G availability.

More cities across the country have access to even faster 4G speeds.

The last report identified 18 cities with LTE speeds of around 20 Mbps or higher. This latest analysis noted that the city number increased to 25.

Just recently, Verizon also started upgrading its network. This will now benefit from LTE-Advanced technology. Which could account for the recent speed jumps registered across several cities.

For their part, T-Mobile and AT&T have also been bringing improvements. They have been changing the frequency bands. And started deploying LTE to the new ones.

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Two-Weeks Long Manhunt Ends, Only One Suspect Comes Out Alive

murder suspect surrenders

On the left: William Boyette, triple homicide suspect, and on the right his accomplice, Mary Craig Rice, taken into custody on Tuesday, February 7th.

On Tuesday, February 7th, Georgia authorities managed to apprehend Mary Craig Rice, one of the suspects responsible for three murders and a two-weeks long manhunt throughout the Florida Panhandle and Alabama. However, the other suspect, William “Billy” Boyette killed himself as tactical teams were surrounding the motel he was hiding in.

The crime spree started on January 31st, with the latest killing occurring on Monday. A 28-year-old young mother, Kayla Crocker, was shot in her residence and died the following day in Pensacola, Florida, hospital. Fortunately, her 2-year-old son was unharmed. However, the killers managed to elude authorities in the victim’s stolen car before first responders arrived at the scene.

According to Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan, Mary Rice surrendered and was taken into custody right away. As tactical teams were waiting for William Boyette to leave the motel room he was hiding in, they heard a single gunshot. When they entered the room, they found the suspect dead.

Events Leading up to the Arrest

Law enforcement officers responded Tuesday, at around 2:30 p.m. to a tip alerting them of the suspects’ whereabouts. An officer was dispatched to the West Point Motel in West Point, Georgia, and was able to positively identify the car the perpetrators used to flee after their latest attack on Monday. Also, the clerk at the West Point motel told authorities that Mary Rice booked the room on the same day as Kayla Crocker’s murder under her own name. Escambia County deputies confirmed there were people in the room as Rice and Boyette opened the curtains and waved at the law enforcement officers.

Official records show the law enforcement officers tried to establish contact with the suspects on multiple occasions, but to no avail. After a while, however, Marry Rice walked out of the motel room and was taken into custody. SWAT teams were preparing to use force, in case the second suspect refused to comply, but as they made their move, William Boyette decided to end it himself.


At the time of Mary Rice’s arrest, tactical teams, as well as local, state, and federal law enforcement officials, and deputies were on the scene. Rice was originally considered a person of interest in the murder cases but was later upgraded to official suspect as police officers said she had multiple chances to distance herself from Boyette but did not act on them. Now, she is facing charges of capital murder and accessory, said Bill Eddins, State Attorney.

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Three Astronomic Events Will Be Taking Place In The Same Night

three astronomic lunar events

Friday will host three astronomic events, the ‘snow moon’, a penumbral lunar eclipse, and a comet.

This Friday night will come with a treat for space enthusiasts. It will host not one but three astronomic events. These will be a ‘snow moon’, a penumbral lunar eclipse, and the passing by of a comet.

The night sky holds many attractions for those with a passion in the area. At the same time, eclipses and comet shower are a source of delight all those that can watch them. Usually, such events come alone or in pairs.

But this Friday will be special. It will host three astronomic events. The full ‘snow moon’ being the first to appear.

This snow moon is a yearly occurrence. In North America, it is the name given to the first full moon to appear in February.

Its name is linked to the seasonal period. Most usually, February registers cold air temperatures. And it may also be ruled by snow. The full snow moon is also known as the Storm moon. Other variants include the Full Bony moon, hunger moon, or Little Famine moon.

On Friday, the fullest moon peak should come at around 7:33 p.m. EST. By this time, the lunar eclipse should have also started.

This lunar eclipse is also called a penumbral lunar eclipse. It takes place as the satellite passes through our planet’s penumbra. As the event takes place, it leads to a partial darkening of the surface of the moon. The most uncommon such event is the total penumbral eclipse.

Rare in itself, during such events, the moon can seem to have darker sides. Especially on the sides which are closer or in full view of the Earth.

The penumbral lunar eclipse also sees an alignment of the Earth, Sun, and Moon. These all align in the middle. This rare placement determines the Earth’s casting its shadow on the Moon.

This Friday, the eclipse should start being noticeable at about 7:44 p.m. EST. It will most likely end at about 9:55 p.m. EST.

The last event of the night will be taking place in the early morning hours. A comet, the so-called New Year one, will be crossing the night sky at about 4:00 a.m. EST.

The New Year comet is the popular name given to Comet 45P. This year, this will pass some 8 million miles away from our planet. It will be most noticeable in the early hours, on Saturday morning.

Comet 45P is a periodic comet. It is considered so because it has a predictable path. Before being known as the New Year Comet, it was also known as the blue one. Scientists noticed its bluish-green tail and head. This space body passes by our planet every 5 and a quarter years.

These three astronomic events will be mostly succeeding one another. However, one may also intervene during another. More exactly, the full moon may reduce the comet’s visibility.

Stargazers can find tips and tricks on better seeing the comet. For example, they can start looking for it at about 3:00 a.m. EST. At this hour on Saturday morning, they should be able to start detecting it.

They will have to look for a bright blue-green ‘head’. And do not forget its tail. A telescope or binoculars should help.

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Prison Guard Trades His Life for His Fellow Officers During Hostage Standoff

prison guard

Prison guard is killed during a hostage standoff at an all-male correctional facility in Delaware for alerting his colleagues about a trap the inmates had devised.

The prison guard who alerted his fellow officers about a trap the inmates have set for them during a Delaware hostage standoff was found dead early Thursday, February 2nd after law enforcement officers smashed through the barricade made of foot lockers filled with water with a backhoe.

Official Reports

Union President Geoffrey Klopp said 47-year-old Sgt. Steven Floyd told several lieutenants who attempted to enter James T. Vaughn Correctional Center’s C-block to evacuate the building as they were rushing to his rescue. After the force teams regained control of the building by force, law enforcement officers were able to rescue the second hostage, a female counselor, and ended the 20-hour hostage standoff at the all-male, 2,500-prisoner correctional facility.

According to the authorities, the prison guard who died in the standoff called for help as several prisoners staged a fight on Wednesday and then turned on him, taking Sgt. Floyd prisoner. A short while afterward, however, the prisoners released several other hostages and demanded the law enforcement officers to turn back the water for washing and drinking. Instead, the inmates built barricades by filling foot lockers with water, says Geoffrey Klopp.

During the negotiations which were broadcast online for roughly an hour before the authorities cut off the feed, the mediator asked to speak to the prison guard to make sure he was in good condition. However, the inmates refused to put Sgt. Floyd on, saying the rescuers can talk to the hostage only when the prisoners get a chance to speak to the governor. The authors of the uprising wanted a formal apology for decades of oppression from Governor John Carney.

Circumstances of Death Still a Mystery

At the moment, investigators are not disclosing the circumstances surrounding Sgt. Floyd’s death. However, they said the prisoners used sharp instruments to seize the building. The prison guard was awarded last year for outstanding performance by the correctional facility’s warden. His colleagues described him as a role model for all prison security guards who would have done all that he could to help others.

The deceased’s family did not talk to the reporters about Sgt. Floyd’s passing and asked for their privacy to be respected in these times of hardship.

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