Researchers Develop First Universal Flu Vaccines

A man getting the Universal Flu Vaccines

Researchers developed Universal Flu Vaccines.

The first universal flu vaccines will be launched

It seems that scientists developed the first universal flu vaccines to protect people against influenza that is able to make millions of victims every year. According to the researchers, the new vaccines are supposed to protect us from at least 88 percent of the known virus in the world.

Even though flu could seem as a common disease, it can become really dangerous for the patient if it is not treated. Moreover,  there are so many types of virus that it could be hard for the vaccines that have already been developed to fight against the disease. Do not forget that influenza can be spread easily from person to person, no matter in what country they are living. There are a lot of people who travel and get sick with a virus common for another country. This is why the first universal flu vaccines are the best solution  regarding this matter.

Flu is a major danger for us

It could be hard to think, but flu epidemics are able to cause million of deaths every year, according to the World Health Organization. This happens mostly because not all people have the same access to medication, especially in poor countries. Another problem would be that antibiotics are developing resistance to the drugs we have used. People are taking antibiotics too fast and most of the times they do not even need them. Using the same pills for a long period of time can make the virus be able to resist them.

The most common types of flu viruses are H1N1 and H3N2. Doctors are used to choosing a recent strain of flu as the vaccine and hope this will protect us from the disease. Even though works most of the times, there were cases of vaccine failure. The universal flu vaccines should give us protection against any pandemic flu that will come in the future.

Children are the most exposed to flu

The developers of the universal flu vaccines are looking for a company in the pharmaceutical industry which will take a test to prove the vaccines are efficient. There were five flu pandemics in the last century, that killed millions of people around the world. The biggest issue is that most people are not aware of the danger flu can be if it is not treated. Flu is a real threat no matter where you live and how old you are. Moreover, children are more exposed so pay attention if they are not feeling good.

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