Some Representatives of the Supernatural Spectrum Might Move In Across the Street – Introducing Vampires to Sims 4


The video game company announced a launch date for the next Sims 4 update. Starting with January 24, vampires will be featured in the game.

Electronic Arts has announced vampires will be available in the January 24th update for The Sims 4. And these are not the kind that sparkle in the sunlight or experience poor sleeping habits. The company is aiming for Nosferatu-style individuals that prey on the living and exert supernatural powers on their neighbors, including turning a quiet sims neighborhood’s residents into undead children of the night.

Furthermore, the nightcrawlers will also be able to siphon plasma directly from other Sims. However, the company did not want to get too close to the M rating and that it was the supernatural beings are forbidden from feeding on blood. Instead, users can purchase plasma packs for their avatar which can be used to grow plasma fruits or forcefully feed on other Sims.

Vampire Avatar’s Features

The supernatural beings come in two forms, dark and regular. Moreover, those who have both “will spin into the Dark Form to perform Vampire actions”, according to the company’s statement. Also, a vampire is not exactly a vampire if sunlight does not cause extensive damage to the creature. Furthermore, vampiric avatars do not age without the user’s say-so.

Vampire Update

Included in the pack will be a new world, dubbed Forgotten Hollow, new objects, and additional Create a Sim options. The new world will have dark landscapes with old and withered foliage and creeping fog in order to come as close as possible to the works of fiction that describe the best environments in which vampires thrive.

“There are also some great Build & Buy Mode objects to help you create your perfect Vampire home”, further reads the company’s statement.

Another feature also included in the update will encourage other vampires to stop by your home, more often, as well. Furthermore, the company says that even though Forgotten Hollow is most suited for vampires, this will not stop the creatures from also making an appearance in other neighborhoods.

The company is not at its first try to introduce nightcrawlers in the game. The creatures were features for the first time in The Sims 2: Nightlife more than a decade ago. Also, vampire sims made an appearance in The Sims 3 via the Supernatural and Late Night expansions.

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