Lenovo Unveils Three New P Series Laptops, Including a VR-Ready Workstation

vr-ready workstation

Lanovo’s P71 VR-ready workstation will be the priciest, but also the most powerful of the three new laptops the company announced will be rolling out this spring.

During the Solidworks World 2017 conference which started on February 5th, Lenovo has unveiled three new P series laptops, including a unit designed to offer its users the most of the virtual reality experience.  Among the new laptops presented, there are the Lenovo ThinkPad P71, the VR-ready workstation in question, P51, and P51s.

Lenovo’s VR-ready ThinkPad P71

Some see the latest P71 as a bulkier version of Lenovo’s 2015 P70, which in itself was already extremely powerful at the time thanks to Nvidia’s Quadro graphics and Xeon processors. With the improved P71, however, Lenovo upgraded iterations of its P70’s Quadro graphics card and Xeon processor, which allowed the VR-ready workstation to achieve certification from HTC, Oculus, and Nvidia.

Nvidia’s Professional Visualization vice president, Bob Pette says that VR content creators require the most reliable performances up to date. Hence, the ThinkPad P71 has been designed to offer them just that, with its Quadro Pascal-based graphics card, and enough memory for creating the most sophisticated virtual reality environments and experiences.

Heftier performances come at a price. Hence, Lenovo’s VR-ready workstation comes in at 7.6 pounds heavier than its predecessor.  Furthermore, the unit comes with either a 4K or 1080p display and supports up to 64 Gb of RAM and two TB of internal storage.

Even though users can opt for an Intel Core i7 CPU, like the one found on the P70, the ThinkPad P71 does not come with a Touchscreen option, as opposed to its predecessor. Users can get their hands on the P71 in April for $1,849.

Lenovo ThinkPad P51

Much similar to its more powerful counterpart, the P51 also comes with either a Xeon or seventh-generation i7 Intel Core processor, with options for a 4K or Full HD displays. However, it is lighter than the P71 and also comes with a touchscreen option.

It comes with four memory slots, also supporting up to 64 Gb of ram and a Quadro M2200M graphics card, more powerful than that of the P51s’. Lenovo will start rolling out the ThinkPad P51 in April, for $1,399.

ThinkPad P51s

Users aching for a touchscreen and decent performances could get their hands on Lenovo’s 15.6-inch ThinkPad P51s which comes with either Full HD or 4K resolution for $1,049 in March. However, the unit only supports 32 GB of RAM in two slots and 1 TB of internal storage, tops. Ultimately, like Lenovo’s other two workstations, users will have the option to choose between an i7 and a Xeon CPU, as well.

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