Disney Names a Warner Veteran as New President

Warner veteran

Disney announced today that Warner veteran Bruce Rosenblum is the new president of Business Operations.

Disney announced today that Bruce Rosenblum , Warner veteran, is the new president of Business Operations for the Disney-ABC Television Group.

This is an unexpected corporate job for a person who was also in charge of two major television companies. That’s why no one approached him about doing it.

However, at a meeting held in June with a specialized recruiter, Rosenblum was presented a number of different opportunities for positions on the boards of a couple of very influential corporations. This is not that surprising seeing as it’s the traditional career path of an individual who is used to holding executive positions.

During that meeting, Rosenblum showed interest in a corporate position.

The current change has numerous benefits for Ben Sherwood, as over fifty percent of his current employees will work under Rosenblum. The change will permit Sherwood to focus his attention on other key areas of the company, including the creative department. Also reporting to Rosenblum are the heads of ABC Studios, Disney Channel, ABC Entertainment, and the departments of HR, legal finance, and communications.

Warner veteran

In accepting the ABC-Disney position, the former president of WB was inspired by the ongoing success of Alan Horn, one of the former presidents of WB Entertainment. Now Horn is the chairman of Walt Disney Studios. Both Horn and Rosenbaum were fired from Warner Bros. during some executive restructurings.

When asked about the challenges that television is currently dealing with, the Warner veteran said, that adds-skipping and time-shifting are the most dangerous threats. Also, he declared that people working in television need to figure out the best way to make the viewer interested in the content that they are showing, they need to learn how to make the most out of the digital platforms that televisions own nowadays, and how to target the advertising.

While working for Warner Bros., Mr.Rosenblum supervised operations for one of the most successful television producers in the industry. Apart from not owning a big broadcast network to supply programming to, Warner Bros. remains one of the most important suppliers of shows to CBS, NBC, Fox, and ABC.

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