World Health Organization is warning us: three STDs are becoming untreatable

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World Health Organization is warning us: three STDs are becoming untreatable

We are used to doctors discovering new treatments for diseases which were believed untreatable.  Unfortunately, according to the World Health Organization, three sexual transmitted infections could become untreatable.Those are gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis.It seems that people used antibiotics so much that the viruses became resistant to them.

How to fight against STDs

The World Health Organization released new rules for the treatment of these diseases. They are hoping people will  manage to survive them. Doctors said that is better than people who struggle with these STDs to use cephalosporins, a new class of antibiotics. They should help more than those who were used before to treat gonorrhea or chlamydia.

According to the latest news, gonorrhea has already shown resistance to antibiotics. Researchers are trying to find new treatments for these diseases. They think, in a few years, they will become untreatable. There are doctors who already use a combination of antibiotics because of this the only solution they have.

Prevention is the best treatment you can have

STDs are one of the major problems the world has. They are killing millions of people every year. Even though for some of them a treatment has been found, it seems that things are not getting better. Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection. It can spread also from a mother to her child during birth. There are many people who do not have symptoms. However, women can have burning urination, pain and vaginal bleeding between periods.  If it not treated, it can cause heart problems and it will also affect your child.

Chlamydia is another STD that many people are struggling with. Its symptoms develop in a few weeks.  If it is not treated, it can cause infertility or blindness. People should pay attention to this disease and go to a doctor if they had unprotected sex.Syphilis is one of the most common STDs. It is known for having similar symptoms to other diseases.

Take care of your medication

The best way to prevent this sexually transmitted diseases is to use condoms. Of course, they do not eliminate the risk, but you will be safe. It is better to prevent than to struggle with a disease. The World Health Organization is trying to discover new treatments for this diseases. The problem is that people are using antibiotics even when they do not have to. This makes the viruses become resistant to treatment. Doctors should not give antibiotics to their patients unless they really need the medication.

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